During january 2015 i was asked by flora lazarou of lazarou hairdressers to make the enquiry about the availability of animal print carpets and to be honest i didnt really  think such flooring was available on a broadloom to be used to fit full rooms or to fit stairs and landing areas,

Even if this type of carpet was available i was concerned  as to what quality would be available in the uk and in my mind i was convinced that the quality would be on par to some of the cheap children rugs that usually float around  the markets at christmas time .

Alas with the help of Flora  we found a superb supplier in London   and the quality as you can see is simply breathtaking

so if you love animals and you want your home to have that unusual exotic touch why not try one of these designs.

The ranges come in secondary hessian back and also woven back and the quality is of a very high standard.

All samples are now on show at our premises at 52 Birchgrove road Birchgrove  Cardiff


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